Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Blog moving to Facebook

As of today I am using our Facebook page for all the new Blog posts...easy to use and everyone uses Facebook. Our page link:

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Stefanie & Dallas' Wedding

Stefanie and Dallas' wedding was sooooo sweet!! It was really touching to see the parents come up during the ceremony and pray over their children and their marriage. You can't get a better start in married life than that! Stefanie's sister played the violin during the ceremony and that was a really nice moment too. They were nice and relaxed and we got some great images too bad I can only post a few here, but all of them will be up soon on our site.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Alex and Chris' Wedding

Since last summer I have been looking forward to seeing Alex and Chris' Wedding. They are the cutest couple, ever and I knew their wedding was going to be fabulous. I was not able to be there for the whole thing, but my two Richards did a wonderful job on the pictures. I was not surprised to see that there were special touches everywhere, like crystals hanging from the arch designed by Regis, and the aisle running engraved with their names. In one of the pictures below the bridesmaids are looking at the gorgeous ring Chris gave to Alex on their wedding day for her "something blue". How romantic is that! ....be still my beating heart!

The reception at Central Station,
downtown Memphis, was a party to remember, and her second gown looked great on her, of course, because she is a doll.

LeighAnne & Rick's Wedding

Could there be a more gorgeous place on the planet than the Pink Palace Museum?...ok maybe on the planet, but in the Memphis area it ranks at the top. This was the day after the damaging storm and the Palace still did not have electricity, but Leigh Anne, Rick, all the wedding party and families were all great troupers. Someone brought a generator and no one's spirit was dampened a bit. Nor, did it slow anyone down, especially on the dance floor. AC or no AC these Bostonians danced the night away and we enjoyed watching it all take place....and we got some great pictures in the mean time. Here are just a few.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Maggi & Brian's Wedding

I knew Maggi and Brian's Wedding would be special, from the first time we met. She was planning on wearing her Mother's wedding gown, reworked a bit to look more current...and I love that. Sentimental right from the start! It looked fabulous and so did she in it. I knew there would be a party at the Meadowbrook Country Club but what a party it was. The bridesmaids and groomsmen were so much fun and I enjoyed them right from the beginning and they enjoyed every minute of the reception....If I did not have a camera in my hand I would have been out there dancing also, to the music of the Soul Shockers. Nobody wanted them to stop...including me.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Lauren & Tim's Wedding

Well I have been looking forward to Lauren & Tim's Wedding for almost a year now and it

not disappoint! I already knew how fabulous she looked in her gown because we did Bridals here.

The Wedding was held at O L P H Catholic Church and the Recption at Germantown Country Club. I don't know if we have ever had a more relaxed Bride and Groom, which lowers the stress level for everyone. Judy Baker with the church was a world of help and she is SO organized so everything went smoothly. The reception was huge and everyone sure seemed to have a great time and it was a big dancing crowd. Lauren and Tim made their getaway in Dad's convertible!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kristin & Alan's Wedding May 9, 2009

I loved everything about Kristin and Alan's Wedding! There was pink and green everywhere. Especially in the bridesmaids dresses and their gorgeous bouquets and all over the reception at LaPavillion. Jennifer, the maid of honor needs to give lessons on that job, I have never seen anyone more comfortable and certain about helping with the bride's dress. Resulting in Kristin gown looking perfect in every picture during the ceremony. way to go, Jennifer! Everyone at the reception had great fun, (esp. all the groomsmen) the band had everyone dancing, guest, family, etc. I don't think any one was sitting. It was a grand evening!